Nantes Atlantique Hand Institute INTERNATIONAL PATIENT SERVICE

Our team Nantes Atlantique Hand Institute is dedicated to hand and upper extremity surgery and was created in 1992.


It provides a fully integrated center with quality healthcare including dedicated anesthesiologists, hand therapists, nurses…

DSC_2361-Modifier_web©Studio ah!It is composed of 8 hand surgeons :

  • Docteur Ludovic Ardouin

  • Docteur Philippe Bellemère

  • Docteur Yves Bouju

  • Docteur Alexandre Fournier

  • Docteur Etienne Gaisne

  • Docteur Yves Kerjean

  • Docteur Marc Leroy

  • Docteur Thierry Loubersac


We combine orthopaedic and plastic surgical expertise, bringing together the necessary skills to manage all aspects of hand disorders and injuries.

We provide care for all aspects of hand surgery from the initial consultation to completed rehabilitation and return to work.

That care is delivered at the Clinique Jeanne d’Arc , Nantes, west of France.

 The hand surgeon provide trauma lists 7 days per week.

We are accredited as Hand Trauma Centre by the Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand (FESSH), and the Fédération Européenne des Services d’Urgence Main (FESUM).


Each year several foreigners patients come to Nantes from around the world for specialized medical care. 

 2016 activity : 17 932 surgeries, 6732 consultations



Contacting the Nantes Atlantique Hand Institute



– Consultation : + 33 2 51 84 88 84

– Emergency : + 33 2 51 84 88 88

Adresss : Avenue Claude Bernard 44800 Saint Herblain